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HS Connect® Software

ITS Smart Work Zone Products

Our portfolio of ITS Smart Work Zone solutions enhances transportation, improves safety, and increases mobility in and around work zones. Our robust communications-based product monitoring HS Connect® software seamlessly links our innovative, technological products to offer contractors and transportation agencies a comprehensive smart work zone package to keep roadside workers and the traveling public safe remotely.

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HS Connect® Software

HS Connect® Software is a patented remote software system that is the core of an ITS solution. The web-based software provides a central location to monitor, track, and control all ITS field devices in a secure and easy-to-use application.


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Smart Work Zone Systems
Automated Work Zone ITS
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Why HS Connect® Software

By providing secure log-in access, HS Connect® Software allows all approved users to have administration rights to not only view all real time traffic conditions but also respond to incidents as quickly as they occur. This can include monitoring of all lanes to capture speed, volume, density, and vehicle classification.

That data capture can then be disseminated via the website as well as a direct XML feed to stakeholders. The data can provide historical scenarios, trends, and forecasting for future project design. The real time data collection is utilized to provide an automated message to the message board fleet that will then empower the traveling public to make informed decisions. This can include alternate routing, trip planning or simply providing a safer experience when entering a live work zone.