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Reno Tracking of SCI Attenuator


Traveling on US-395 in Reno, NV, you will come across our Smart Cushion® crash attenuator in the median. The SCI is used in this area to protect drivers from making direct contact with the concrete barrier at Exit 68A; I-580 split to I-80 , thus redirecting them away from the obstruction.

This specific barrier was impacted 48 times over the span of four years, resulting in many cost efficient and time saving repairs.

Between December 2013 – December 2017, the crash attenuator was impacted by 48 accidents. A unique attribute of our Smart Cushion® is that side impacts on the road rarely requires repairs. The reverse-tapered design eliminates side panel stress on frontal impacts to reduce damage and system fatigue from multiple impacts. This eliminates mobilization, repair labor and parts after side impacts (averaging 30% – 40% of the incidents, depending on the roadway geometrics). As displayed on the chart below, the average cost of repairs for these impacts was $289.

After an impact, the cushion requires a dual-stage pull-out with the replacement of two 1/4″ shear bolts, thus minimal inventory because of the durability. Minimal damage means quick resetting and reduced worker exposure to traffic, as well as lower costs for traffic control, replacement parts and labor.